Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip to Japan (August '03)

Link: Photos from my trip to Japan in August 2003. (Try the "Slideshow" button in the upper left.)

I took a "Japan Sampler" tour of Japan with General Tours. (That tour is no longer offered.) The tour was 9 days, and I added non-tour days in Tokyo before and after the tour.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Trip to British Columbia (summer '06)

Link: Photos from Rodney and Victor's trip to British Columbia in July-August 2006.

Victor loves bears. Since he can't get a tourist visa to come to the U.S., we couldn't go to Alaska. So we decided on B.C., in particular Knight Inlet Lodge.

I put together a trip that took us from Mexico City direct to Vancouver. We stayed in Vancouver before and after our trip to Knight Inlet.

We had a great time. In addition to seeing bears every day in Knight Inlet, we saw orcas and beautiful scenery.

Victor had also never eaten salmon, and loved it.

In Vancouver, we were there for the gay pride parade and some of the annual Celebration of Light, an international "pyro-musical fireworks competition," including Mexico's show, which won it all.

Trip to Argentina (Dec. '09)

Link: Photos from Rodney and Victor's trip to Patagonia and Iguazu in Dec. 2009.

Click on each set and try the "Slideshow" button in the upper right. If you want captions, click "Show info". (You can also use the "Pause" button and then "Next".)

It's my first time using Flickr, so I may not have done it the best way, but it was fast and easy.

The trip was arranged through Wildland Adventures. It was their 2009 version (Argentina-based) Best of Patagonia plus a two-day extension to Iguazu Falls.

Victor had been intrigued by Patagonia, and had long wanted to touch snow. I had been to Buenos Aires, Iguazu, and Bariloche in 1987 (more here), but never to Patagonia.