Saturday, January 7, 2012

Channel Islands - Sept. '83

Pinnipeds at Pt. Bennet, San Miguel Island

Over Labor Day, 1983, I toured some of Channel Islands National Park. My visit began with an overnight boat trip to the farthest island, San Miguel. There a park ranger led us on a short hike to view the pinnipeds on the beach. In the photo, all those dark spots and streaks on the sand are seals and sea lions. We spent the rest of the day slowly cruising past the other islands and returning to the mainland.

Oahu - March 1981

Diamond Head and Honolulu

Hanauma Bay

Oahu cliffs

I've only been to Hawaii once (so far) and then, only Oahu. In March 1981, I took advantage of a friend's military posting to Schofield Barracks. He and his wife generously put me up and toured me around the island. I also spent time in Honolulu as a solo tourist. I so enjoyed snorkeling amid all the tropical fish in Hanauma Bay that I went back a second day.