Friday, March 12, 2010


This is not the usual "About me". This is an explanation.

(For odds and ends about me, try this.)

This is not a normal blog. Instead, it's a repository for my mostly political mailings to selected friends. And it's not in order. And it's not yet complete. I started with all my letters to the editor, both published and unpublished. Then I began posting the political items, starting with some from 2003. I add a few more when I can. It's an ongoing project.

More recently, I added posts and photos from my travels, and my autograph collection and occasional personal notes.

About the blog name: The political material I initially wanted to capture here was mostly about the Dubya years. I was very angry, and sometimes depressed, during those years. And I was also upset that others were not as outraged as I was! That's what the title reflects. The later, more non-political posts, don't fit the title, but I won't change it.

You can just dive right in, starting anywhere. Or you might want to select a particular topic.

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