Friday, March 12, 2010

Radical Religious Right ('98)

Let's next start with some of my letters to publications (those that got published and some that didn't)

This letter of mine was published in Business Week in September 1998:

Gary Bauer ("Rumble on the Right", Sept. 14) claims to love his country, but he despises the federal government and its employees, unless, of course, they're forcing his will on the rest of us.

He doesn't want "the Washington bureaucracy to get within 100 miles" of public schools when it comes to education standards, but he hopes to convince the federal courts to be right there to allow prayer in the classroom. He says "Washington will regulate a business to death" but he encourages them to regulate our sex lives. He supports human rights (instead of freer trade) with China, but his pinched view not only omits women's reproductive freedom, but wants to make global trade agreements conditional on abortion restrictions.

Bauer's agenda is nothing but self-serving hypocrisy.

If the radical religious right wins its political battles, it will be the death of the Republican Party.

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The letter is online at Business Week -- the third letter down on this page.

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