Saturday, March 13, 2010

It's the courts, stupid! ('02)

This letter of mine was published in the Los Angeles Times Sept. 2002:

[My best letter (so far) on the courts]

Almost everything governors or presidents do can be undone by their successors. The crucial exception is judicial appointments. Many Republican judicial nominees frighten me so deeply that I will never help elect a Republican to an executive position. Some have suggested that we vote Libertarian or Green or "none of the above" for governor. I'm a registered Green, and I will happily vote for Green candidates for lower offices, but to keep right-wing ideologues off the judicial benches I must vote Democratic for governor and president. For me, it's the courts, stupid!

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I received phone calls from two complete strangers complimenting me on this letter.

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  1. Well said! Politicians know this and are leaving a vacancy on the Supreme Court for almost a year until the 2016 election. I'm glad we agree that a third-party presidential vote is a waste of the ballot.