Friday, March 12, 2010

Obscenity Examples

Let's start with my Obscenity Examples:

I find obscene:

  • DUBYA'S INVASION OF IRAQ. He should have been impeached!
  • Closed minds.
  • Anti-intellectualism.
  • News "reporters" who ask no tough questions. (Where are all the investigative journalists?!)
  • The amount of money spent on political campaigns.
  • Bigotry, especially political and religious "leaders" who foment it.
  • Being forced to subsidize it. No tax exemption for hate speech! Tax all religious organizations and their property, television networks, voter guides, etc.
  • The family values of those who praise Family Values the loudest.
  • Religions that want to run outsiders' lives.
  • Religions that encourage murder for acts of free speech.
  • Religions that kill for acts of consensual sex.
  • Religious bans on contraception for even the poorest families. Let those churches support all those kids!
  • Being told my marriage would harm yours.
  • The evil, cruelly-named "Defense Of Marriage Act" and now, the Federal Marriage Amendment.
  • Our xenophobic and homophobic immigration laws. (Please urge Congress to pass the Uniting American Families Act! See why I care here.)
  • Corporate welfare such as:
  • Political hypocrites
    • who want to cut all government except, of course, for corporate welfare.
    • who shout "No new taxes!" but don't mind enormous new deficits.
    • who bad-mouth bureaucrats but want to regulate my sex life.
    • who cry about government spending for social welfare, but can always find more money for war.
  • The War on (some) Drugs (and vice laws in general). (For more about the War on Drugs, see this and this and this and this.)
  • Thinking that any person's labor could possibly be worth thousands of dollars an hour, every hour, day in and day out. (See this and this, too.)
  • That the District of Columbia is not a state.
  • The anti-democratic rules of the U.S. Senate.
  • The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. (Reverse the gun control debate: Repeal the blanket right to bear arms, and let those who feel strongly enough fight to grant it in special circumstances.)
  • Those who call sex obscene.
  • Those who combine sex with violence in any context, including rhetorically.
  • The fawning, uncritical, free-ride coverage of the Salvation Army, never mentioning their long-running activism opposing gay civil rights.
    (Put this in their kettles!)

If you have some good links to help illustrate these obscenities, please let me know. Thanks!

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