Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mova globe

I received my retirement gift from JPL a few days ago. I didn't fully realize what it was / did when I chose it many weeks ago. It's actually pretty cool.
Someone else's video of it (0:47)

Friday, October 21, 2011

On competition: re-purposed genes

Recently, I commented on Kevin Kelly's Google+ post that began, "Somehow I am missing that Collection Gene that many people seem to have...." I wrote, "But you also collect IDEAS and CONNECTIONS and SPECULATIONS. (And you're very good at it!)" (I've been reading Kelly's work for decades.)

There are several common genes I either missed or have re-purposed....

Fortunately, I missed the all too common Addiction Gene.

I am also completely missing the Fashion Gene. I don't even understand what it means for one color to "go with" or "not go with" another, or why stripes and spots can't co-exist.

My favorite common gene to ponder, though, is the Competetive Gene. I was never very interested in competing in sports, but I came to understand that I was instead very competitive in gathering information. (That recognition of different types of competition is why I was so quick to comment on Kelly's post.) If I get a chance, I'll try to write more about that at greater length.


On October 9, I did a bit of CicLAvia as a pedestrian. Above is a snapshot of MacArthur Park.

Debs Park

Debs Park, which I call "my big back yard" and where I hike all the time, was in LAWeekly's "Best of LA".

Solar energy

Something I've been saying forever: What if solar got the same subsidies as fossil fuels? (Click on the graphic on that web page to enlarge it.)

Catalina Island

I took advantage of this offer for a free trip to Catalina Island for my birthday.

More photos are here.


(Click the image to enlarge it.)

I've just retired!

It's been my goal in life since high school to retire. (I've had the above cartoon on my bulletin board at home since it appeared in 1977.)

I've been fortunate to enjoy my work, but I've always wanted to work less.

I've always said that when I retire, I want to read, write, and travel. In recent years, I added exercise to that list.

I'm retiring now because I think I can swing it financially, and for my physical health, and for my emotional health.

Physical health: My first big project is to slowly lose about 60 pounds. Instead of exercising 2-3 hours per week, I plan to exercise 2-3 hours per day. So far, so good. And, if I can lose the weight, I'm hopeful that may get rid of my diabetes. I really couldn't put this off much longer.

Emotional health: I'm tired of only seeing Victor for a few weeks each year! (See "Why Victor Can't Visit the U.S.")

By the way, with retirement, there will be some changes to this blog. I hope to write more frequently. I'm going to include more personal posts like this one. And I'm going to let Google "monetize" it.