Friday, October 21, 2011

On competition: re-purposed genes

Recently, I commented on Kevin Kelly's Google+ post that began, "Somehow I am missing that Collection Gene that many people seem to have...." I wrote, "But you also collect IDEAS and CONNECTIONS and SPECULATIONS. (And you're very good at it!)" (I've been reading Kelly's work for decades.)

There are several common genes I either missed or have re-purposed....

Fortunately, I missed the all too common Addiction Gene.

I am also completely missing the Fashion Gene. I don't even understand what it means for one color to "go with" or "not go with" another, or why stripes and spots can't co-exist.

My favorite common gene to ponder, though, is the Competetive Gene. I was never very interested in competing in sports, but I came to understand that I was instead very competitive in gathering information. (That recognition of different types of competition is why I was so quick to comment on Kelly's post.) If I get a chance, I'll try to write more about that at greater length.

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