Friday, May 17, 2013

Amend to fix (some of) the Senate's problems

The Los Angeles Times printed this letter from me today:

Let's go a step further: I suggest that we amend the Constitution's advise and consent clause.

The Senate's confirmation power should be changed to a veto power: Every presidential appointment (including judicial) becomes effective unless the Senate, by majority vote, vetoes it within, say, 100 days.

The Times either didn't notice or doesn't care that they printed practically the same letter from me thirteen years ago!

Maryland (May 2013)

Ben and Anita

I went to Havre de Grace, Maryland for my nephew Ben's wedding. Here are more wedding photos. Each photo has a caption and a location map.

Gunpowder Falls State Park

Of course, I spent my extra days exploring the area, particularly hiking in parks. A handful of photos were lost due to my failing camera batteries, but here are the rest. Again, each photo has a caption and a location map.