Friday, March 12, 2010

News Bites Considered Useful ('01)

This letter of mine appeared in Howard Rosenberg's TV column (LATimes) in August 2001:

Those who only see Headline News are dangerously uninformed. (Although they're better off than those who only watch local so-called "news" broadcasts!) But Headline News has its place.

Yes, some of the pop-up headlines -- CNN promos and celebrity gossip -- don't belong. But if you're a news junkie, the rest are not bad. To answer your questions, I know exactly what "G-8" refers to, and where Mt. Pinatubo is. After all, both have been in the news quite a bit in recent weeks.

I don't suffer from attention deficit; I'm 50, not 20; and I depend on newspapers (in print and online) for news and information, not TV. But that's just the point: Quick headlines serve me well at times, because I get all the details from the papers.

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