Friday, March 12, 2010

Why I'm an angry atheist ('09)

I sent this letter to the Los Angeles Times in May 2009, in response to an op-ed by Charlotte Allen in which she complained about angry whiny atheists. My letter was not published in the Times, but it did appear in the UGLA Bulletin:

[My best letter (so far) on religion]

Let me tell you why I'm an angry atheist.

I'm a scientist, an environmentalist, a feminist, a free speech advocate, and I'm gay.

I support birth control and family planning and abortion rights. I believe that religion doesn't belong in the science classroom. I support even "blasphemous" speech. Of course, I support gay rights, including same-sex marriage. I live apart from my Mexican partner of 16+ years and can't sponsor him for immigration as my spouse.

In every case, the overwhelming majority of my opponents base their opposition on their religious beliefs.

I do indeed consider myself a victim of fundamentalist religion and the undeserved deference most people give to religious beliefs.

Furthermore, I don't believe I should be forced to subsidize my political opponents with tax exemptions just because they declare themselves churches.

Damn right I'm angry.

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