Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trip to Argentina (Sept. '87)

At Bariloche

My friends and 1980s neighbors Lito and John went to Argentina every year, usually in the Fall. (Lito was born there.) I kept telling them that if they would only go a little earlier, before my teaching duties began, I would join them. In 1987, I made it.

We visited Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, and Bariloche, then back to Buenos Aires. I returned home from there, while Lito and John stayed another week or so.

Lito arranged all the flights and accommodations. While in Buenos Aires, we also had dinner with different relatives of his almost every night, including one side trip to La Plata. I had a wonderful time.

Lito, John, and Lito's Israeli cousin Tzur, at Iguazu Falls

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  1. OMG pictures from old times! I love them. It does some how reveal that they were taken a long time ago, maybe is the fashion they had those days.
    I was also in Argentina a long time ago. Things were different. I had rented an apartment in buenos aires which was so affordable that I was able to take a trip to La Patagonia.
    I hope it will still be!