Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yucatán, Winter 2012-2013

Colorful houses in Merida. (More here.)

This winter, I spent 6½ weeks in Mexico with Victor. Of course, he had to work most days, so I was on my own a lot. As last year, I spent the time on the computer, reading, and walking. While walking, I started taking snapshots of some of the colorful houses.

I love staying drier and warmer in Yucatán than in L.A. in December and January. I love exploring the city on foot. I love that Animaya is about a 20-minute walk away. And, of course, I love spending time with Victor.

On Sundays, we would head toward Progreso and visit Victor's family.

We also spent one week in Chiapas.

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