Sunday, May 15, 2016

Western Pennsylvania - May 2016

My version of the iconic view of Fallingwater

Part 1: Frank Lloyd Wright

A tour of three Wright houses, including, of course, Fallingwater. I had long wanted to see Fallingwater. We had a great time. Although it rained off and on all week, it didn't rain while we were walking around the outside of any of the three houses.


After the tour, I hoped to hike most of the afternoon Thursday, but it started raining after about 45 minutes, so I had to cut it short. 4 photos of Ohiopyle State Park

Part 2: Family History

Mark Rodney, me, John Rodney

My father grew up in Republic, Pennsylvania. I had never been there before.

I spent all day Friday with my second cousin Mark Rodney. We went to gravesites, houses, the library, and more. I also had dinner with him, his wife, and another second cousin and his wife. I met Mark and John for the first time Friday. They are first cousins. My grandmother Bertha Rodney Hoffman and their grandfather Charles Rodney were siblings.

Hoffman-Rodney Department Store in Republic, PA

This was always my favorite old family photo, of course! I think it is from sometime in the 1920s. My grandfather J.W. Hoffman and my great-uncle Aaron Rodney owned the store. The building is no longer there. A Hoffman brother and sister married a Rodney sister and brother. The two store owners were double brothers-in-law.

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