Thursday, May 3, 2018

Visa progess: Step 2.5

I should have known better. I thought this trip would finish everything, but I forgot that there have been unexpected complications and delays at every step. Sigh.

Victor's medical exam x-rays yesterday showed a scar / lesion in his lungs. Now he must follow additional steps to rule out tuberculosis. Just look at what that means:

  • The interview next Monday is postponed until this TB check is done.
  • He needs to give early morning sputum samples for three consecutive days. Since they're closed on weekends, that means it couldn't start today, Thursday. Instead, it will be next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
  • Our non-refundable flight back to Mérida was for next Tuesday. Now we have canceled that and bought new tickets for next Thursday. We have also extended our hotel stay for two more nights.
  • The cultures from the sputum smears take 8 weeks to complete! We will find out the results around July 12th.
  • Either immediately after that, or after treatment if he has TB, we will have to make another trip to exciting (* sarcasm *) Juarez for the postponed interview.
So, instead of this trip being the third and final step in the fiancé visa process, it turns out to be Step 2.5. The medical exam itself is complete, but the final interview is postponed. Even if everything now goes as well as it can, Victor won't be in the U.S. until late summer at the earliest. As I said above: Sigh!


  1. Rodney, this is a nightmare! It's been such a drama at every step. Hang in there!

  2. Hi Rodney...
    Each step seems important. I hope that all will fall in place as you move forward. Good luck and best wishes, Carl